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forging the artisans of the future

Discover your path

Personalized self-discovery tools to help young people forge their future as artisans

WE help you discover your personal path.

About us

Learn how you’re wired. Meet people like you. Discover your path. 

Choosing a career path can be daunting and stressful. LoveTrades is a place where you can come to learn about yourself, your job options, different careers, and how your talents can be used in different jobs so you can have the best future. Using a powerful behavioral assessment, we help you find your passion based on how you’re wired and what you love. 

The Lovetrades journey

How it works

learn how you're wired

LoveTrades uses a behavioral assessment as its main tool to help you learn about your strongest behaviors and then introduces you to a variety of people who share the same behaviors.

Meet people like you

Using your assessment results, you can match your strengths up with other people. Through personal path stories, you get information about their career paths, lifestyles, hobbies, and advice.

discover your path

Using the personal path stories and your own results, you can also see what behaviors seem to work best in certain jobs, careers, and fields and find a path that speaks to you.

learn how you're wired


LoveTrades takes valuable information from an assessment tool and shares that information with you. Using this tool, you can learn about yourself and other people just like you who are doing remarkable things in a variety of interesting, challenging, and rewarding jobs. 

Meet people like you

Learn about People’s Behaviors and Paths

Discover your path

find the right craft for you 

The transportation industry allows America to move.  Whether it be by bicycle, vehicle, plane, drone, or boat, the transportation industry has a variety of fast-paced careers. 

The construction industry builds America. The roadways, bridges, buildings, homes, and communities we love are made possible by the construction industry. 

The entertainment/media industry includes careers like film crews, stunt professionals, editors, writers, and so many more creative opportunities. Find your passion in the entertainment industry today! 

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